SkyDance: Day One

Hey! We've just finished the first SkyDance 2011 show in Geneva. Some artists sure got me astonished while some got... confused. For example Ying Ling. These girls did with their bodies acrobatic things I could hardly imagine were possible. Amazing! John Carey with his Celtic Stars was also just great. When the first part of the show was finished and I got off the stage I think the first thing I said to Luciano was: "This guy sure is a PRO!" Paricia Kaas, as expected, was a very pleasant company to accompany. I'm pretty sure these songs are going to be in my head for long! On the other hand, there was a group of dancers called 1. TC Ludwigsburg (as "Modern Worldchampions" in a technical setlist, for some reason) who danced very well but their music... I'd say what sounded in the background should be called an inelegant mixture of tasteless covers of the greatest songs of Queen! Bohemian Rhapsody, Love of My Life, Don't Stop Me Now and oh my... The Prophet's Song! All got messed up in one dance. The first thought I had: "Who approved that?" Freddie Mercury would really be pissed off if he heard what was done to his songs, I'm telling you.

But all right, you just enjoy this little video and some pictures. Even though the lights in the area were absolutely unsuitable for taking pictures with the pocket camera, at least we have something :)

"Skydance... Takes everybody higher..." This is a good song, actually. All the Best!!