Going to Zurich

Hi everybody!

I have to say, I'm really sorry about not having called to all of you in Odessa to tell that from now on I'm studying in Hochschule in Zurich in the class of prof. Christoph Schiller. I've been really going nuts for a past few days and now, sitting here at the Vienna Airport I'm feeling quite wasted but there's still some time to wait until my flight to Zurich.

On the other hand, my friends, I'm glad to say that now I'm completely open for any projects in Zurich or around, so, if you need a viola player, here I am :)

Last but, for sure, not least, I'm desperately and urgently looking for a place to live in Zurich, so, if anybody hears something about somebody looking for a roommate in Zurich or Winterthur, please let me know. I'd appreciate that very much!

See you!