"I wish..." (a new poem by myself)

I handwritten manuscript of 'I Wish...' poemI know I haven't written anything in quite a few years but really... going back to Switzerland sure played a certain role ('cause there's so much to recall!) and I wrote a new poem I'm pleased to share with you.

And even though some may find a little bit of controversy hidden inside it's just not a thing to think about. I'm never making it a goal - "to write a poem". I just write down what sometimes comes to my mind (perhaps a bit polished verson of it). Sometimes it's senseless yet beautiful.

And there's no reason to look for any hidden sense. Even if there is some, you won't find it, haha. All right, enough said. I hope you'll enjoy it!




I Wish...

I’ve had a dream. About you and me.
And I’ve seen things that never happened
But still trying to break free.

Your charming smile is doing magic with the dust.
And though it hurts a lot,
It brings up long lost pictures of the past.

Oh, God! If I had just one wish,
If I had just one chance in life…
I would’ve wished you gave me wings to fly.

To fly away, fly back!

To drop sham innocence, austerity of mind,
To break the stupid walls I built around my dreams,
Being told I was enlightened, really being blind
While wearing foolish mask of happiness,
And drowning in disdain those things to which I was affined,
Replacing them with false and suppostitious treasures.

Yes, fly away, fly back...

And to forget the fear, dismiss the hesitations,
To see that lovely smile again and follow the sensation
That leads to love, or who cares what to call it…
When it’s the only thing that makes us wanna breathe,
The only thing that gives a little bit of sense to passion,
The only thing that makes us wanna smile and live,
And just a thing that’s sweet while being one’s obsession.