Je pense que j'ai réalisé que j'étais intéressé par la poésie anglaise et américaine, après avoir vu le film "Dead Poets Society" avec Robin Williams. J'ai même réussi à acheter un livre intitulé «Oxford Book of English Verse" imprimé en 1905 pour un prix ridiculement bas à l'Anglais librairie locale à Odessa. Je peux dire que même si pour moi Shakespeare était presque incompréhensible (je veux dire, j'ai pu le lire mais je ne pouvais presque pas le comprendre), les autres, comme Byron, Shelley et même vieux fou Walt Whitman j'ai beaucoup aimé!

Assez vite je me suis senti un fort besoin d'écrire mes pensées sélectionnés dont certains peuvent appeler la poésie.

I Wish...

I’ve had a dream. About you and me.
And I’ve seen things that never happened
But still trying to break free.

Your charming smile is doing magic with the dust.
And though it hurts a lot,
It brings up long lost pictures of the past.

Oh, God! If I had just one wish,
If I had just one chance in life…
I would’ve wished you gave me wings to fly.

To fly away, fly back!

To drop sham innocence, austerity of mind,
To break the stupid walls I built around my dreams,
Being told I was enlightened, really being blind
While wearing foolish mask of happiness,
And drowning in disdain those things to which I was affined,
Replacing them with false and suppostitious treasures.

Yes, fly away, fly back...

And to forget the fear, dismiss the hesitations,
To see that lovely smile again and follow the sensation
That leads to love, or who cares what to call it…
When it’s the only thing that makes us wanna breathe,
The only thing that gives a little bit of sense to passion,
The only thing that makes us wanna smile and live,
And just a thing that’s sweet while being one’s obsession.

le 4 février 2011

Dear Friends

Sometimes in life we may feel down
And it may seem there's nothing we can do
But maybe we should take another look around
Bad things in life will seem to us so few

Look at the sky... Look at the birds flyin' high
And floating in the shining Sun, in freedom...
Try feel the wind which knows no end, no borders
And which nothing can restrain

And look at us down here...
Oh! Have we got a single thing in common?

Yes... We have. We're free!

We're free to go, to think, to smile...
And even though we're something that someday is dying
There's still so much to do... So much I wanna do!
So much YOU wanna do! To laugh, to live, to Love...

novembre 2007



A little girl, she's like a song
Never the same, never alone
And she's delightful at first sight
Since shiny morning till the night
Tryin' hard to find another one
Among the best won't make it done
'Cause she's the only one who was
Indeed, to be compared to rose
Although, looks it's been said enough

the flower wouldn't say a half.









octobre 2007

Some say...

Some say “there is no reason to be dreaming
'Cause dreams ain’t real and never to be true”
But I don’t know. Dreams make me truly living.
Though true, that most of them will never ever do.

It always happens. Someone asks:
“What is it all about?”
I’ll tell you, pal. This is about the girl.
The girl. The one.
The one I can’t stand being without.
The one who I am missing all the time.
The one who puts in shadow everything around.
The one whose smile is more attractive than a rising Sun.
But also one who maybe doesn’t think I’m really serious.
That pushes me off the road just asking “Why?”
('Cause I don’t seem to be a loser. Or am I?)

I hope you know my darling.
I’m not asking you for any feigned confession,
Not asking for a single word of love.
I want just stay and talk to you. That’s my intention.
And I believe true love will find its righteous way.

And if I could I’d tell you, dear:
You’re waking up the voice inside my mind,
Which makes me scream and cry,
Which makes me do a lot of crazy things
Without looking for the reason why.
Which makes me go to many different places
Where I have never thought I would appear.
But never is defining destination
And all the things around seem unreal.

Some say, “there is no reason to be dreaming…”
But you will choose your path, my friend. It’s up to you.
Although, the dreams do make me truly living,
The saddest thing’s that most of them will never become true.

avril 2007

I know the girl...

I know the girl. She’s like… ‘tis hard to tell you.
You never could’ve met the one like she’s.
But if some ordinary guy (like me) once made an effort
It probably’d be written just like this.

I’m not Shakespeare and neither even Whitman
And writing poems, sure, isn’t my skill
But I can’t help it. You’re my inspiration
And all these words are coming just the way I feel.

But if there’s something deep in my imagination
I would compare to dawn or dusk that take my breath away
There’s you, like bringing undescribable sensation
With all your love and tenderness, so real.

You may forget, dismiss my words
But nothing it is changing.
May call me ‘crazy fool’,
So maybe that is who I really am.
You mightn’t know how much you mean to me (no kidding)
Though, maybe I am wrong and making up the things.

But I’ll go on.
I know I’ll keep on trying.
No matter how and where I’m gonna be.
The only thing I want
Just see you smiling.
Whatever happens,
You can always count on me.

mars 2007

Tous droits réservés. © 2007, 2011 Stanislav Sagdeyev


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