Doryan: So, tell me, my friends, in what direction is Fribourg?
Sandro: I don't know. I never drive.
Stas: Ehm... Doryan, is there a slight possibility that we'll be there in time for the concert?
Doryan: No, I think not.

Hi everybody! I happened to have a few spare minutes so I'd like to tell you about the project I got recently involved in.

I received a call from Sandro Tigishvili a few days after the concert in Zurich (I actually met Sandro for the first time during this project) asking me whether I can help with the premiere of his friend's new piece "Sérénade pour cordes" (serenade for strings) joining the Dubrovnik Simphony Orchestra. I said 'yes' and even though I was only supposed to play this piece, I was later asked to play the whole program which was as follows:

L. V. Beethoven Triple concerto for piano, violin and cello Op. 56
Doryan-Emmanuel Rappaz "Serenade for strings" Op. 1
L. V. Beethoven 7th Symphony Op. 92

The triple concerto was played by:
Helena Satue (Violin), Zéphyrin Rey-Bellet (Cello) and Beatrice Berrut.
All the Beethoven was to be conducted by Luca Bizzozero.

Rahel, Sandro, Doryan and Stas in BaselThe journey began on the 12th of February with the only general herearsal in Murten (Morat) situated not far from Bern, where we had booking in the Seepark hotel. Right after arrival to Murten four of us: Sandro, Doryan, Alain Doury (a cellist from France, also a friend of Sandro) and me got together in the hotel room for a... "bowstorm" (a term I invented just a second ago) as we were to become a moving force for the Doryan's piece. When the time of the rehearsal came the situation turned out to be much worse than I expected. Even though only a part of the orchestra was supposed to play Doryan's serenade, apparently the orchestra was not prepared to do it. After "discussing" the matter with the orchestra manager it was agreed that at the first two concerts we will only play the second movement of the serenade and will use time of the rehearsals for preparing other movements to be ready for the concert in Geneva. Yeah, now I guess it's time to say that there were planned four concerts in a row: in Basel, Bern, Geneva and Fribourg.

I cannot say that the frist concert in Basel Casino attended a lot of people. We were told that the reason probably might be that there was a lot of concerts in Basel that night. So, anyway let's say it was a general rehearsal.

After the performance of Doryan Rapaz's Serenade in Bern Casino

Next day the concert was in Bern, the city I spend the most of time in when I'm in Switzerland. In Kultur Casino that night were more people and the concert was much more "alive". Moreover, Doryan was conducting for the first time in his life himself on the stage! And we were performing the first and the second movements of his serenade.

The next few days I was happy to spend in Geneva because Doryan suggested that I stayed with Sandro (and he didn't mind). So, the next concert was is Geneva's Victoria Hall. In the morning we gathered at the Doryan's place in order to make some changes in the Viola part of the Serenade (a few bars were, like, a bit unplayable). As the Victoria hall was occupied almost until the concert we gathered for the rehearsal in the conference room of some hotel to polish the serenade for the tonight's concert.

The Victoria hall was full that night. We played Beethoven's 7th symphony and as we had a pause before playing Doryan's serenade (all three movements for the first time!) I was feeling really tense backstage drinking coffee and going through the few most complex passages over and over again right until the moment we had to go on stage (I guess Sandro was there to observe the moment and was telling me to calm down all the time)... All right, just in a few words: it went good!

Doryan Rappaz, Sandro Tigishvili and Stanislav Sagdeyev after the concert in Bern

Next day, the last concert was in Fribourg. The only problem was that we didn't know how to go to Fribourg. As I was staying in Geneva we had to go (three of us Sandro, Doryan and me) there by car and even though Doryan (he was driving) didn't know the way with the help of GPS in my phone we were there... in almost no time! Well, we missed the rehearsal but we were all right for the concert!

So, what can I say? Despite any difficulties it was a great experience! I'm glad Sandro invited me to join and I'm glad I met Doryan and Alain and I hope it was NOT the last time we were working together. Tous les meilleurs, mes amis!

Don't forget to check out the pictures here!

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