The ESTA Festival Chamber Ensemble in front of the Yehudi Menuhin Forum in BernHi!

It's been a long week here in Bern. The first part of the ESTA Festival String Ensemble project under direction of the excellent Croatian cellist and conductor Pavle Zajcev started here last week, on the 29th of July. It became possible thanks to the ESTA Foundation and outstanding enthusiasm and hard work of Mr Werner Schmitt, the former director of Musikschule Konservatorium Bern..

The people taking part in this wonderful project are:

Teodora Sucala Matei (Croatia)
Diane Vella (Malta)
Maris Viisma (Estonia)
Lieke Daniels (Netherlands)

Martina Pustički (Croatia)
Stanislav Sagdeyev (Ukraine)

Aike Randmann (Estonia)
Pavle Zajcev (Croatia)

Mr Werner Schmitt and the ESTA Festival Chamber Ensemble in front of the lake Thun

We've been rehearsing quite a lot, the days were getting longer and nights shorter. That's why only now I'm, at last, posting this message and inviting you to our concert tomorrow (but for most of you reading this, today), on the 5th of August, Sunday at 7pm at Helvetiaplatz 6 in the Yehudi Menuhin Forum Bern.

The main piece of the program will be Mendelssohn's famous octet. Also there will be pieces by Glazunov, E. Bloch and Lhotka.

Teodora Matei (1st violin): "Pavle Zajcev is an amazing cellist and for the people of Bern it is a great opportunity to listen to the performance of such a high class."

Werner Schmitt explains his interest in the project: "It's interesting and lively, motivated young people. It's a high level!"

The following concert of the ESTA Festival String Ensemble will take place during the 40th International ESTA conference in Poreč (Croatia) 16-20 October 2012. And now we are waiting for you this Sunday at our concert in Yehudi Menuhin Forum Bern. (tickets: CHF 40.-/ermässigt CHF 30.-; reservations: menuhinforum.ch, 079 558 85 78)

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