New single 'Dreambird'

Dear friends!

Seems like only yesterday we were recording "So I Begin" with Alex and when he played a couple of interesting chords I shouted "It's gonna be a new song!"

I consider life to be one of the biggest inspiration for the artist. We dream, we believe, we hope, we live, we find ourselves lost in despair. Thus, we create. The title for the song "Dreambird" came to my mind while I was in the middle of finishing the lyrics. Probably everyone of us has his own "dreambird", whatever should it mean.

We finished recording sessions with my friend Alex Vitkovskiy in October 2011, right before I had to leave Odessa to go to Zurich, however, certain circumstances were holding me from releasing the new song. And now with the thrill in my heart I'd like to present you a new single "Dreambird"!

Of course, everyone will notice the huge mood difference between "So I Begin" and new "Dreambird". And for me this is a great pleasure to hope that this new song will touch your deepest feelings.

I will also happilly appreciate if in case you like the song you get it on iTunes.

And now, enjoy this video for a new single "Dreambird".

Please support Stas Sagdeyev by buying his song So I Begin on iTunes

Download free digital booklet (in order to save the booklet to your computer right-click on the link and choose "Save as...")

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