Zakhar Bron Chamber - Impressions (Front Cover)It turned out to be quite tricky to avoid any quibble in the title of this article as the title of the recently released debut album of the Zakhar Bron Chamber orchestra is actually "Impressions" but I just decided to get on with what I got.

Even though I took part in this recording I could only get my hands on this beautifully packaged disc a couple of weeks ago. Despite having quite a thick booklet and an additional (looong) foldout poster featuring (almost) all of the participants, the liner notes do not give us much interesting information about the disc. So, I am glad to give you a little insight on this unique yet experimental release.

"Impressions" was released in Europe on ARS-production label (ARS 38 133) on the 1st of February 2013 on Hybrid SACD (playable on usual CD-players) providing 3 sound versions: standard stereo, high definition stereo and high definition 5.1 (last two require a SACD-player). It was produced (in spite of what the inlay says) by Zakhar Bron and Joël Cormier. Recording, mixing and mastering engineering should also be credited to Joël Cormier. The album was recorded from 22 to 24 of June 2012 at the SRF studio in Zurich and became possible thanks to the following musicians.

Zakhar Bron, Alexander Gilman and Joël Cormier in the Studio

1st violins:
Alexander Gilman, Albert Skuratov (uncredited)
Livia Otth, Alexander Kuznetsov
Hadar Rimon, Michal Lavochnik

2nd violins:
Stefan Tarara (uncredited), Arata Yumi
Alexey Galikhanov, Anne Weber
Philip Brett, Romaine Bolinger

Stas Sagdeyev, Giorgia Cervini
Caroline Vischer

Payam Taghadossi, Avraam Donoukaras
Anna Egger, Gunta Abele

Double Bass:
Lamberto Nigro

All of the pictures for the artwork shot in Tonhalle Zurich by Martin Teschner.

It was quite a challenge in... different ways recording this but in the end, I think this product deserves some attention. Of course, it's up to you to decide whether you desperate enough to listen to it in 5.1 or whether you can hear the difference between standard and high definition versions but I hope you will appreciate all the work put into it.

Break during the recording session at SRF


1. J. Sibelius - Impromptu for string orchestra Op. 5 No. 5
2. C. Saint-Saëns - Rondo Capriccioso Op. 28 (Solo: Arata Yumi)
3. J. Sibelius - Romance in C-dur Op. 42
4. F. Waxman - Carmen Fantasy Op. 25 (Solo: Mone Hattori)
5. H. Wieniawski - Mazurka "Kuyawiak" a-moll (Solo: Zakhar Bron)
6. F. Kreisler - Syncopation (Solo: Zakhar Bron) [arr. by Marco Crispo]
7. F. Kreisler - La Gitana (Solo: Zakhar Bron) [arr. by Marco Crispo]
8. F. Kreisler - Serenade Espagnole (Solo: Zakhar Bron) [arr. by Marco Crispo]
9. S. Barber - Adagio for strings Op. 11
10. F. Panisello - "The Song" from the 3rd mvt. for String Quartet (played by reduced orchestra)
11. N. Paganini - Moto Perpetuo Op. 11

You can listen to a preview either here or below.

"Impressions" is available from Amazon as a physical release and as mp3 from the 1st of February 2013.

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