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Hi everybody!

I am really excited because what I was obsessed with for over a month is now finished.

The idea of creating a new design for my website from scratch came up when I discovered how far ahead technologies and demands of modern web design were.

When I opened this site in late 2011 I just wanted to have my own place to share my works end express my opinion. Not so many people were talking about some serious web-surfing using mobile phones or smartphones back then. I, personally, didn't even expect having many visitors. However, some of the articles (especially ones dedicated to Freddie Mercury and "his" Montreux) attracted quite a constant and growing traffic to my website.

The list of top 5 articles people are reading goes like this:

Now, after three years, the world of IT changed a lot. It became much more casual. People are used to read stuff on the go. Unlike the situation only a couple of years ago, people became really accustomed to using small devices for finding information as fast as possible. The are using phones (and I mean, tons of different platforms, like, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS) and, of course, tablets. Yes, Google Analytics clearly shows that more and more traffic comes from non-desktop devices. I realized there was a need to provide mobile users with a comfortable experience when they are browsing and reading.

When I made my "first" (non-official) website in 2000 in "Notepad" I wanted it to be dynamic but back then developers had to use JavaScript or even (god help us) VBScript to change styles dynamically. How much easier it is to do it now! We can alter CSS classes "on-the-go" depending on which size is the browser this very second!

Yes, I had to do quite some research on the "responsive". This term is really trending right now. Responsive web design means that you create a website which will look great no matter on which device it is being viewed.

Anyway, after about a month of work, this:

Old sagdeyev.com design

was turned into this:

New responsive sagdeyev.com design

So, I encourage to grab your iPad 6 (or iPhone 7) and check how differently from the desktop it looks and what happens when you turn those devices. Yeah, and if you had to press anything to make that menu on the left appear (if you're on a small touch-device) you can even just swipe that nasty menu to the left and it will disappear.

As I mentioned before, responsive web design implies one site looking good no matter which phone or tablet you are using. Well, here comes a tricky part. It is virtually impossible to test a website on all those devices. So, once again, if you don't mind grabbing your iPhone 8 (thanks for getting the irony here) to check it out, please tell me if something looks weird or even totally off. I'll appreciate it.

There was done a lot in order to optimize the new design for slow connections. It's not a problem when you have a fast 3G connection ("3G? What the heck is that?!" - people in Ukraine) to load heavy data every time you visit the site but I would like to think about people who don't have a luxury of living in developed countries and still would like to read interesting stuff about things they like.

Now, what should you expect to see here soon? You might've noticed a strange "Bits" thing in the menu. Yes, I felt like adding this little section here. I don't always have time to write something major but sometimes there are still things to say or to point out really quickly. That section is going to be used for that kind of stuff. About the blog, I see (and hear) that people would like to read more about Freddie and Montreux. There will be more of that. Also, when I thought that my article about Microsoft's Dreamspark program was quite comprehensive I was still receiving question about it and had to give obvious answers, so, there definitely will be a follow-up on Dreamspark. Another article (this is going to be a big one) that will be published a bit later is "How I got thrown out of Switzerland". We'll see how daring and controversial I can get there.

So, please keep reading my stuff and write to me if there is something specific you would like me to write about.

All the best,


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