Freddie Mercury's Lake House: found!

Freddie Mercury's Lake HouseHey everybody!

Those who read my story about the first visit to Montreux might remember I mentioned a thing which was still one to be accomplished. Yes, I had to take a look at the Freddie's Lake house (or 'Duck house' as it is sometimes referred to) where Freddie used to go find peace of mind and which appears on the Queen's 15th studio album "Made In Heaven" cover. And I did it! (Here are all of the best pictures from this trip.)

Still, while the Internet got a lot of questions like 'Where is Freddie Mercury's lake house in Montreux?' or 'How to get to Freddie's duck house in Montreux?' very few answers are given and, moreover, some would lead you to Territet, which, of course, is also connected to Freddie as he had an apartment at Quai de Fleurs there but has nothing to do with the mythic Lake House and therefore makes no interest for us. As I haven't found any particular information on this serious subject I decided to write a detailed guide for the people who'd like to go to Montreux one day.

Freddie's mysterious Lake House as seen through the trees branches

So, Freddie's Lake House is really not exactly in Montreux. Moreover, the sad truth is that it is located on someone's private property and you cannot get close to it. Anyway, I think this fact wouldn't stop someone from just taking a glance, like it didn't stop me. The exact address of the Freddie's Lake House is Rue du Lac 165, Clarens, 1815. Clarens is a small village in the municipality of Montreux and is really close to Montreux itself.

It is possible to take a bus number 201 from Montreux and in about 10 minutes get out at the bus stop named "St-Georges", however, if you have some time I'd suggest not to rush. If you arrived to Montreux by train it will only take 7 minutes to get down to Quai de la Rouvenaz and going along the lake in direction of Place du Marché to get to the Freddie's Statue. After having enjoyed this historical experience take a walk in another direction and become fascinated by this great view you see going along the lake. In about 30 minutes you will see a big yacht club on the left. Well, you're almost there.

The reference house for finding Freddie's Lake House

At Rue du Lac (it's quite a long street so it's hard to miss it) you may see house number 163. Yeah, you're there! Go where the cars are parked and look down to the right. Freddie's Lake House will be visible through those trees.

References for finding Freddie Mercury's Lake House in Montreux

You may wanna follow Rue du Lac along the fence because after 20-30 meters if you look over it (you might have to jump a little bit) you will see the Lake House again but from a different angle. You'll notice that now it looks almost exactly like on the cover of Queen's Made In Heaven.

Cover of Queen's Made in heaven album featuring Lake Geneva, Freddie's Statue and Freddie's Lake House

Of course, it would be great to actually come down and get close to this wonderful piece of music history but, unfortunately, at the moment it is not possible. According to the well-known fact, people who currently own this piece of land do not feel very happy about onlookers. But anyway, I can tell you it feels much better after having seen Freddie's Lake House at least from the distance.

Here at the map: (A) Train Station in Montreux, (B) Freddie Mercury's Statue, (C) Freddie's Lake House, (D) Boat berth in Vevey
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Now, I suggest you continue your walk in the direction of Vevey. You will soon get to the lake again and enjoy this incredible view again. By the way, walking along the lake Geneva you might notice other traditional Swiss chalets which will remind you of the Freddie's lake House. On your way, in La Tour-de-Peilz‎, if you're lucky enough you may visit the famous Musée Suisse du Jeu (games museum) located in Château de la Tour-de-Peilz (I couldn't do it as it was closed). Vevey looks a lot like Montreux, very beautiful (all right, like the whole canton of Vaud). There you can take a boat to Lausanne and take a train from there to wherever you like. While getting to the Grande Place by Quai Perdonnet you will find a few interesting monuments including Charlie Chaplin and even famous Russian writer Nikolay Gogol. The boat-trip is going to take almost an hour but you will never regret it 'cause you're gonna enjoy a really marvelous view.